Monday, June 17, 2013

Biyu Qian

Last week I came back from vacation to find my new doll had arrived and was waiting for me upstairs in my "doll corner" of the bedroom. I was exhausted from traveling all day by myself with a baby but still managed to find the energy to unbox her. Since then, she's been standing on my dresser in the American Girl Karaoke outfit (cinched together to fit) with her stock red hair. Her wig is beautiful, though not the color I needed to fit my roleplay character, Biyu. If I ever want to dress her up as Chihiro (my Kyoshi Warrior character) its good to know I have something that works though ;)

Today my black wigs showed up. My favorite is the style with her hair up in braided buns on either side. So much so that I haven't got around to taking photos with the hair down yet. I also got her green shoes but they don't fit quite right so I'm not so sure about them. I'll get pictures of them up later, if not here they'll be on instagram.

For those who might be interested, Biyu exists the Avatar world (as in Avatar: The Last Airbender, not the blue people). At the start of the story she was fourteen and new to the big city that we roleplayed in. She came by herself as a vacation while her parents traveled the world for the summer. Biyu is an Earth Bender but has next to no interest in bending. She's a friendly, hyperactive teenager and is a bit dense. She takes good care of her looks, eating well and making sure to always be properly presented. Her parents drilled good manners into the girl though her natural clumsiness and outgoing personality almost negate this at times, despite her good intentions. She loves fashion, spending money, and the arts. Her over-friendliness is often taken as flirting though that's rarely her intention, nor does she even realize that she's strung so many boys along... not that she really minded the attention. Often seen with a sketchbook at the beginning of the story, by the end she had broken away from her family, supporting herself solely through her small dress shop where she designed, sewed, and sold her high-end creations to the wealthy of the city.