Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dollstagram and MCM Sale

Hey there, I live! I know, I know. Crazy, huh? Where I last left you over a year ago I was just about to move out into the country. Since then I've long since settled in and mostly have a combination of fluctuating interest, back pain, and a toddler to blame for my long absence. Not to say that I haven't been part of the doll community online. I'm still dollstagramming at least. Not that my photography has gotten much better! But I do enjoy connecting with other doll enthusiasts and enjoying their beautiful photographs.

The Madison Children's Museum American Benefit Sale was this summer and despite not feeling particularly dolly at the time, I still went. My Best Friend had to bail on me last minute (She was sick, poor thing :/) So it was just myself in there while my husband and toddler waited outside. Needless to say I wasn't in there very long, but I picked up what I wanted (from what I could afford with my limited budget this year.)

The spoils?

Molly's Swimsuit

Cecile's Parlor Desk

Cute polka-dot dress from Craft Sale

The dress was made by a woman in Nicaragua as part of a project to employ and teach underprivileged women there. Most of their clothing are inspired by world costumes but this dress called out to me. Check out for more information.

I've been busy with other doll-related things recently too but I'll save those for another post :)