Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Hobby Lobby Cabinet

I bought this mini cabinet from Hobby Lobby some time ago, intending on finishing as a display for my doll food. I promptly covered the glass, took off the hardware (grumbling about how one side was higher than the other) and pre-stained the wood. Since then, its been sitting in the basement, waiting for me to finish. I didn't think to take any photos of the before, so the image above is from Hobby Lobby's website. Yes, even the display image has the hardware on wonky.

Today I brought the cabinet up to take a badly-lit phone photo for you. Molly shows how much taller she is than the cabinet, and you get to see the current color of the wood.

I've seen these cabinets floating around etsy and Pinterest, painted to be used precisely for AG dolls. One Pinterest dollhouse had the cabinet upside-down and hanging from the ceiling in their kitchen. I think its sized perfectly for that- and I'd love to use it that way too if I had both the room and energy to build an AG dollhouse.

I'll update when I manage to continue this project. I have several going on right now so it may be a while. I figured in the mean time I'd get this post up to help motivate me and to help anyone interested in buying one of these the scale.

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