Saturday, May 18, 2013

Garage Sale Samantha and More!

Today my dolls got themselves two foster sisters picked up at a local garage sale I found on Craigslist.

The dolls are a bit dirty, but otherwise in pretty good condition. I'm looking forward to cleaning them up and giving them the love they deserve before letting them go. In addition to the dolls, I also bought Felicity's horse, Penny.

Again, not perfect. She's missing a stir-up and the blue blanket but still... she's pretty nice. I had never been into the AG horse thing but I may keep her simply because Felicity has always been my favorite and now she gets to finally meet her horse again.

The lot also came with clothes.

As a kid, I had always liked the princess costume. I'm also a fan of the purple brocade dress. I think I'll be holding on to those two. I laughed at the mini grin pins over the red vinyl outfit. My little sister had the same outfit for her doll and I'm pretty sure she put grin pins on hers too. There's also a random sock that I'll have to investigate to figure out what its from.

At the bottom of the bag was this earring. I think its probably for dolls... though neither doll had her ears pierced so I'm honestly not sure. Does anyone know if its an AG earring?

All and all I'm quite happy. The lot was a surprisingly low cost for what came with it so... yay! I should be able to turn a profit for cleaning them up.

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